Technical assistance. Project managers, analysts and Java, .NET, PHP, Oracle, MySQL technicians.

CSI participates in the market offering first level knowledge, experienced methodologies and creative solutions to companies that want to improve their management and information, their competitive position and to increase their value.

This can be achieved thanks to a harmonic integration of specialized knowledge, a focus on business processes and technological skills.

The main characteristics of the focus that we provide and that, according to our experience ensures success, are the following:
  • Manage the project with an eminently practical focus on obtaining solid results and in the short term.
  • Organize work teams in which the customer’s staff takes part with the aim of really sharing knowledge.
Our technology, professionals and knowledge and experience in the implantation of the main informatic solutions that exist in the market allows us help our customers in all the cycle of systems implantation.

Along these lines, CSI offers to customers the possibility to outsource the following services:
  • Project managers
  • Java technicians, .NET, mobile developments and Open Source technologies
  • Technical support
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Systems administration
All of them offered by highly qualified technicians.
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