Consulting Solutions

Consulting business model, processes and risk management.

Our consultancy division offers you expert advice for the analysis and understanding of your company’s situation. We help you define the more appropriate strategy, specify the opportunities of your industry, reduce its weaknesses through an analysis of your business proceedings and an identification of the risks.

CSI has a vast experience in the insurance industry, where it has done the majority of the projects in the most important companies. In order to do that, we count on the highly contrasted methodology and qualified professionals thanks to whom we are highly efficient.

We are specialists in the adaptation of insurance companies to the European norm of Solvency II. We provide value in return, always respecting the principle of proportionality dictated by the norm. Our Solvency II project covers the following aspects:
  • Analysis of the current situation of the company. Elaboration of the risk management and specification of the activities needed for Solvency II adaptation.
  • Qualitative analysis. Creation of Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA).
  • Quantitative analysis. Calculation of the economic capital according to Qis5 (or Qis5 Bis).
  • Report of the financial position of the company and creation of internal control panels.
  • Revision of the model previous to the entry in effect of the Solvency II.


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